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Q: Why should I choose THIS and not them?


Collectively, we have over 50 years experience performing home inspections, and serve all of Northern NJ and Southern NY State.

Quality and Value:

We give you the best, most thorough, in-depth home inspection in New Jersey and New York State. We identify flaws or issues that other inspection companies may miss, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in future repairs, and helping you negotiate cost concessions to address these issues before you buy the home. The price of the inspection is typically covered many times over by these repair savings and cost concessions. That’s THIS value!

Best Report:

A picture is worth a thousand words“. On an average home inspection we take over 100 photos. Most of these are incorporated in the report alongside anything to discuss. You can see what we are writing about. It’s like being at the inspection all over again. Click here to view THIS Sample Inspection Report.

Two for one:

On larger, more complex homes or commercial buildings, we will send two inspectors. Two pairs of eyes are better than one.







We talk to you:

Throughout the inspection we discuss with you what we are seeing and if an issue, how to best correct it. We show you how the heating and cooling systems work, where the main shut offs are for water, gas and electricity. We educate you on your new home which is particularly important for first time home buyers.


Our loyalty is to you, our client, and we want to ensure that you know everything possible about your home, so that you are comfortable about your decision to purchase.

Q: What does THIS report cover?

We like to start on the outside where we cover chimney, roof, gutter system, siding, structure, foundation, adequate drainage and grading, deck, patio and garage.

Once we move inside we start up in the attic to assess the adequacy of ventilation, insulation, roof structure and any evidence of leaks.

As we move down through the house in each room we are checking doors, windows, walls ceilings and floors, lighting and safety of the electrical supply. In bathrooms and kitchens we check for adequate water flow and drainage, soundness of the tile work, operation of the dishwasher, stove, waste disposal and exhaust fans.

The basement is where we usually find the juicy stuff. Heating system, water heater, electrical panel, sump pump and A/C system are all inspected and tested. We are particularly looking out for any evidence of water entry through basement walls or floor, foundation cracks, mold and termites. If there is a crawlspace we check that out for ventilation, insulation, dampness and structural condition.

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THIS is proud to service all of Northern NJ and Southern NY State.